Catramis PhotogrAphy

Catramis PhotogrAphy

Photography is not merely about seeing and rendering in an image a perfect copy of the reality we see. Rather, photography is about conveying in a creative, genuine and meaningful way our feelings while facing the world that surrounds us.
Photography is all about imagination, excitement, inspiration, passion and interpretation. In fact, a picture only captures the emotions I feel in a fragment of time thereby making that moment eternal.
Thus, “now” is forever -just like true love. And that is, in the essence, photography: the creation of eternity.

Born in Athens, Greece. Studied law in Athens University. Photography studies in France (Grenoble, 1984-1986). Cooperations with “National Geographic” magazine (greek edition), “GEO” magazine and the greek magazine “Dance”. Have attended many workshops and a masterclass with the Magnum photographer Patrick Zachmann (2010). My photographs have been featured several times as Photos of the Week on the "Gulf Photo Plus" website. Presentation of my work in the greek magazine "PHOTOgrapher" (May, 2010); Publication o f my project "Merging Lives" on the esteemed "COOPH" website (june 2014). Participation in the group digital exhibition "The Story Of The Creative" (See|me Community, 2013, Long Island City, New York); participation in the group exhibition "Creatives Rising" (See|Me Community, Long Island City, New York, 2013); participation in the group exhibition "My Summer" ("image Gallery", Athens, Greece, 2013); participation in the digital group Show "One Life" (See|Me Community, Long Island City, New York, 2014).
I have worked with the greek photo agencies "On location" and "Iml Image group".
Second place in “National Geographic International Photography Contest -Greece, 2008", and “Sony World Photography Awards, 2010, shortlisted".
Finalist at the "2014 Hamdan International Photography Award" competition.
Contributor photographer of “Imagebrief”.
I live in Athens, Greece.

Contact me at: | +306938 220337